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A mouth guard requires a good cleaning so it can truly protect your teeth and mouth. If it is not cleaned very well, you can risk getting a number of bacterial and fungal infections in your mouth. There is no need to worry, because if you regularly clean your mouth guard, then you can better defend your mouth from such attacks.

Naturally, you will want to wash the mouth guard with soap and water. This is a good thing to do, so go ahead and make a habit of it.

Though it may sound ridiculous, you can get a better clean by using a toothbrush and toothpaste on the mouth guard. Doing so can help remove anything that is trying to build up on your mouth guard.

Using both soap and toothpaste, though not at once, is highly recommended for this task. We also suggest using toothpaste on the mouth guard before you put it in your mouth as well as after, just to be safe.

We also recommend keeping the mouth guard dry when it is out of your mouth. If it is wet much of the time, then bacteria have better chances of growing. You can avoid this by keeping the mouth guard in a protective case that has some ventilation, which should keep it dry and keep any bacteria under control.

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