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You’ve been brushing your teeth since you were a child. At least, we hope so. By this time, you probably think you have the routine down, right? Wet your toothbrush, put a little toothpaste on it, and rub it on your teeth. Spit out, use a little mouthwash and you are off to work or bed. Truth be told, brushing your teeth is little more complex than that. Not really complex, but there is more to it than you probably realize.

There is a little technique involved. First, hold your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to your teeth. You will want to brush the outsides and then the insides of your top teeth, followed by the bottoms. Here is the trick: you need to spend enough time brushing. Most people spend about 45 seconds, give or take brushing their teeth. To do a really thorough job, you need to spend about two minutes. You need to spend a minute on the top teeth, and a minute on the bottom teeth. Don’t forget the chewing and biting surfaces.

Like any habit, it may take you a while to get into the groove, so you might want to time yourself at first. If you want to spend the money, there are toothbrushes on the market that have a built in timer to tell you when two minutes are up. But you may want to save the money and use the timer on your phone or the second hand on your watch. Or you could just count to 120.

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