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Even if you have pristine dental health and excellent hygiene habits that include brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing daily, and visiting the dentists for regular checkups, a dental issue such as a missing tooth can significantly affect your smile.

There is no shortage of tooth replacement services that can repair tooth loss, but dental bridge restorations can fill in large gaps by using the neighboring teeth as support. These are some of the benefits of receiving a dental bridge:

– A dental bridge can prevent the healthy teeth surrounding the gap from drifting.

– Dental bridges improve your ability to eat after losing teeth. Many patients find that dental bridges provide better support for eating than removable partial dentures.

– Another function of dental bridges is to improve speech ability and help you enjoy greater self-esteem when speaking or smiling.

– You can improve your smile aesthetics and achieve a cleaner look than damaged or missing teeth will provide.

– By placing a dental bridge, you can retain the stability of your bite and fortify your jawline.

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