While you need to keep your adult teeth, one may fall out or be removed because of injury or decay. As a result, the space it leaves in your mouth could cause issues for your smile. First of all, a missing tooth can change the look of your smile. In addition, the loss of the tooth root causes the jawbone to lose its shape and strength. Consequently, this causes the bone to shrink, changes how your smile works and cause more dental problems.

Probably one of the best ways to avoid the problems listed above is to receive a dental implant. Because a dental implant can replace both a tooth’s crown and roots, it can give you a new tooth that looks natural and helps the jawbone keep its shape. Furthermore, dental implants can improve the strength and look of your smile. Rather than keep a gap in your smile, contact our dental office in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, at 586-296-1140. As a result, our team can set up your visit with Dr. Konopka.

What are dental implants?