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In order to preserve your smile for the whole of your life, it’s important to reduce your risk of oral injury however you can. Unfortunately, tooth and jaw damage occurs quite often for babies learning to walk, active kids running and jumping, and anyone who plays high-contact sports. We encourage you to take these three steps to reduce your risk of injury during sporting activities:

– Cover your teeth with a sports mouth guard when you play sports or participate in physical activities of all sorts. These protective oral appliances shield your smile to prevent tooth damage if you are struck by an object, collide with another play or fall hard to the ground. A mouth guard can benefit you in activities such as football, mountain biking, sledding and rugby.

– Wear a face mask if you like to play sports that could result in an object coming at your face at high speeds. This includes hockey, baseball and softball, all of which could involve accidental oral and facial injury from a ball or puck striking your face.

– Wear a helmet with an attaching a face guard if you are participating in dangerous activities and need to protect every area of your face and skull. It’s important to protect these areas from oral and facial injury, especially so that you don’t suffer severe head injuries such as a concussion.

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