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Your oral health encompasses more than just your teeth. It involves your oral tissues as well. Unfortunately, sores can develop in the mouth, and on the outside, which is fine when they go away within a week or two. But they don’t always.

Mouth sores can arise due to bacterial, viral, or fungal infections, a disease, irritation from loose dentures, a loose wire from braces, or a broken tooth or filling. They can be painful or unpleasant to look at. Sometimes, if they last longer than 10 days they may indicate that something serious might be happening. If you have a mouth sore that doesn’t heal after a week, you should have our dentist take a look.

Some common causes of mouth sores include the following:

Candidiasis: This is also called “thrush”. This fungal infection can develop in the mouth or throat thanks to an overabundance of yeast. These sores show up as white spots on your tongue as well as in the mouth and may be accompanied by a sore throat and problems swallowing.

Canker sores: These oral lesions are typically tiny, are white or yellow and have a red border around them. These can show up on your tongue, inside the cheeks, on the lips, around the gum line and throat. The good news is, these aren’t contagious.

Cold sores: These tend to show up outside the mouth as a group of red blisters. Usually found around your lips, they can also appear under your chin or nose and are extremely contagious.

Tooth abscess: This arises from a bacterial infection in the nerve of a damaged tooth. This manifests with a painful toothache, hot and cold tooth sensitivity, and your lymph nodes may be swollen.

If you have oral lesions that aren’t going away, we invite you to reach out to our Ronald F. Konopka, D.D.S. team in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. Our dentist, Dr. Konopka is here help you address any oral health concerns. Please call 586-296-1140 to find relief!