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Are you aware of what habitual tobacco use is doing to your oral health? It doesn’t just affect your lungs and your body but damages your smile as well. If you are a longtime tobacco user, you may have noticed problems with your gums. That’s because smoking tobacco lowers blood flow to your oral tissue along with vitamin C absorption. The reason this is problematic is that healthy vitamin C levels help your gums stay healthy. Smoking also raises the oral temperature which kills necessary cells.

Other impacts smoking has on your oral health are:

  •         Susceptibility to oral cancer and lesions in the mouth.
  •         Increased susceptibility to periodontal–gum–disease.
  •         Unsightly stains on your teeth and tongue.
  •         Susceptibility to receding gums.
  •         Slower to heal gum tissue after oral surgery or periodontal therapy.

If you thought you were out of the woods by chewing tobacco instead of smoking it, you would be dismayed. This form of tobacco use still invites gum disease, tooth discoloration, bad breath, tooth enamel erosion, jaw bone loss, tooth root decay and even tooth loss. This may lead you to experience difficulty biting, chewing, and speaking clearly.

We hope that this increased awareness gives you the boost you need to seek out a smoking cessation program. At Ronald F. Konopka, D.D.S. we support your efforts to overcome the effects of tobacco use on your oral health. Our dentist, Dr. Konopka in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, is here help you win back your healthy smile. Please call 586-296-1140 today and reach out to a member of our caring team.